Quote of the Week

“Have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, some day far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Opening Doors

December 2, 2009

Hello To Each Of You!

"There's always one moment in life when the door opens and lets the future in."

~Graham Greene

There is a powerful way in which we can help life open the door for us and it is perhaps one of the most challenging things we will be asked to do in this lifetime!  It is the act of forgiveness.  This is also an often misconceived practice.  When working with people we often come to the subject of hurt and anger, two natural and common emotions in life and relationships.  The challenging part is how to deal effectively with these emotions to process them and not carry them for years.  What we know with scientific proof from people such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, The Biology Of Belief, holding onto negative emotions and reinvesting them in our daily lives with thoughts that support anger and pain can begin to create disease in the physical body.  This is not to inspire fear around any experience with negative emotions but encouragement for processing emotions and allowing ourselves to gain the lesson of relationship and experiences. They are only here to teach us more about ourselves.  If we constantly focus on the other person we miss the knowledge of how we participated, reacted and attracted the experience.  We miss the gift which is knowing ourselves more, opening the door to loving ourselves more!

Often we feel if we were hurt or wronged in some way that choosing forgiveness would let that person "off the hook" for what they did.  There is a strong part of our own ego that doesn't want to let go of the experience and insists on painting ourselves in the victim role and the other in the villain role.  We miss the vital importance of what forgiveness does for Self.  It is emotional and physical freedom from the past.  It means we are no longer carrying the pain for someone else's actions!   An even bigger challenge can be forgiving self for the things we have done in the past.  Holding onto that anger, pain and the judgment that supports the emotion is a costly practice to mind and body.  When we see ourselves as victims and hold onto that energy we are more likely to recreate the pattern of victimization with others in our lives.  When we practice forgiveness we allow ourselves to experience of lighter emotions such as joy, love, peace and calm.  Our physical cells respond to the higher frequency of emotions supporting health and energy while remaining in the lower frequency of anger and pain over longer periods can result in lethargy, depression and loss of health.

One woman was choosing to change her life and open her doors.  She was brought up by two alcoholic and abusive parents, coming from that energy she began a journey of drugs and alcohol herself.  Feeling unworthy, unsafe and unloved she sunk lower into self abuse and attracted a mate in the same state of experience.  He died of a drug overdose and she was left to find herself in a world that still seemed unsafe and now completely alone in her pain.  She had become clean of alcohol and drug use and was on anti-depressants and still battling with her emotions, thoughts of her early childhood and loss of her husband, (his death three years earlier).  She was referred to breath work and choose to attend to work on her emotional issues.  She was highly motivated and knew she had a life waiting for her but couldn't seem to walk through the door.  The change she experienced emotionally in one session was tremendously powerful, she realized she was angry with her husband for leaving this plane.  She also worked on releasing the anger she had toward her parents and herself.  Resolving this anger allowed her to cut her medication in half and after the next session she was able to let go of it altogether.  She did this in unison with her doctor's care and was letting that care professional know what she was doing as well as feeling.  Together they made the decision to alter her medication and she is able to speak of her past with calm and appreciation of all that it taught her.  Her ability to move forward in her life and feel new freedom in letting her mate go is testament to her healing.   She is now remarried and part of a blended family parenting children.  She knows that life will have bumps yet she also feels she has an array of tools to deal with life and its lessons!  The light radiating from her being is bright and beautiful.  She has processed the experience of her past and allowed herself to let go.  She is free and present!!  She is modeling for the rest of us, it is all possible!!

Healing is completely possible as we choose it.  We are more powerful than we know to heal our minds and our bodies!!  There is a new book by Caroline Myss called Defy Gravity and I would highly recommend it as it retells the story of many people's spontaneous healing so we can be witness to this knowledge and understand the power we too have within ourselves.

The time is now for us to be well and choosing to let go of the past so we can be fully present now!  It might seem challenging to let go and yet even setting the intention to let go of anger and pain will set you on your path and you will find a new freedom opening the doors for you!!

Come Breathe with us and allow yourself to let go of the past and be present and aware to consciously create your present and future!!

Sending love and light,

"Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile."

~Mother Teresa

Future Dates:

Breath Classes MWF at 6:30 to 8:30  please call or email to reserve your space!!  class is $35

Special Breath Class New Year's eve early at 5:30 so you can still join in any festivities free and joyful beginning your new year  space limited to 8 people!!

Second Saturday January and February of 2010 at Mira Costa College, if you know anyone going through the rupture of divorce please share information about this educational class for women!  There is also a class for men please inquire if you need information for that class!!   More to follow as the dates get closer

EFT Sessions Tues. Wed. Thurs. private sessions, call for apts.

Loving Self

November 4, 2009

Hello To Each Of You,

" The answer is and always will be love"              anonymous

Healing work, no matter what type, always leads back to the first relationship and often we think of that powerful relationship with parents.  Actually the more important one is the one we have with Self.  In our western culture, we are very externally focused and it doesn't help to create a solid foundation of relating to and loving Self.  We often worry about others loving us much more.  We worry about being accepted by others and having enough, being enough and doing enough to earn that acceptance and love.  We often take it so seriously as to think we have a better chance of being loved and accepted if we are more acceptable physically, therefore physical enhancement has become enormously popular.  We often think we will be better esteemed if we have more money and more prestige.  And yet seeking and getting all these material and physical things have not made us any happier.  Why is that?

Even in the booming financial years when money was handed out like candy and mansions were purchased daily why was there not an increase in personal satisfaction and joy?  Why was there more stress and anxiety than any other time?

Every time I work with a client no matter what we begin with we always work our way to how we feel about ourselves at our core.  This core held belief about ourselves is at the center of creating every other experience in our lives.  Interestingly enough, whatever happened in our childhoods there was bound to be a moment, even in the most loving and peaceful of families, when our immediate needs were not met by someone else.  This doesn't necessarily mean our parents were doing a "bad" job or abusive (though abuse did/does exist as well) however we usually internalize that experience and make it about ourselves.   We can begin a tape that reads somehow we were not good enough or loved enough to be helped or loved in that moment.  This can lead to a core belief about ourselves that is not Truth yet we do begin to believe it just the same.  This pattern of thought then begins to be repeated and sends out a level of energy that attracts a level of experience that we co-create because it matches this core belief.

One woman in her seventies realized she had been in three abusive marriages and that the tapes she held about herself were given to her when she was a child.  She had abusive, alcoholic parents and back then abuse hardly gained attention.   She went on for years abusing herself with thoughts that she wasn't good enough or intelligent enough (though she had been valedictorian her high school years).  The overriding messages from her childhood overshadowed any of her successes.  She always held a job and supported her children and yet there was the big secret she held inside about her worth.  Today she is working on becoming conscious of her inner tapes and re-recording over them with Truth messages.  She is learning to have compassion for herself first as a little girl and then her parents.  She is learning to forgive herself and then her parents.  She is learning to do something positive and loving for herself everyday just because she exists and is now learning that's all it takes for her to be deserving.

Her energy and health is now changing.  The chronic pain in her hands and feet is lessoning and allowing her to be active.  Her energy level is rising and she is thinking of taking on volunteer jobs to help others.  She is realizing she is deserving and beginning a whole new relationship with herself.  This love for herself is healing her mind and her body.   The body can only be as healthy as our minds and our emotions.  She is working with EFT to release old negative emotions and breathing to calm the mind and allow her to gain power to redirect thoughts and energies in the direction she chooses!

We cannot let others love us more than we love ourselves, it is too uncomfortable.  Yet we continue in our culture to look for romantic relationship to make us feel better about ourselves, to fill ourselves and at the very least to feel less lonely.  We overlook the importance of that first relationship with Self to be the foundation for the relationship with another.

We can all do this work!  We can choose to create a healthy vibrant relationship with our Self and feel that love which cannot be filled by another!

"It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work, and that when we no longer know which way to go, we have come to our real journey."

~Wendell Berry


November 14th Second Saturday at Mira Costa College 8:30 a.m Education for women going through divorce.  The program was created by Ginita Wall CPA 20 years ago and there will be an attorney, CPA and mediator speaking.  I will be speaking on the psychological, emotional and spiritual healing of going through this process.  If you know anyone going through divorce this is a good venue for information of the process involved.   It begins at 8:30 am cost is $45 and payable at the door, class goes until 1:30 pm

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Breath Classes held at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  Cost is $35  Value priceless for our health and well being!!
What does Breath Work Do?  Opens and clears restricted breathing patterns producing:  more energy, increased detoxification, better health, improved respiratory capacity, a strengthened immune system and more balance.
Clears the subconscious mind which allows us to:  resolve stress, permanently clear repressed emotions such as: anger, fear, anxiety, guilt and depression.  Removes old mental tapes and programs of limitation and lack, which creates more peace, creativity and clarity.  It releases past traumas located in the cellular memory.  Allows easier access to higher dimensions and levels of consciousness which gives us stronger connection to Higher Self, fuller expression of  Spiritual gifts, deeper meditation, opening to the mystical and awareness of unity consciousness
The creator of breath work Judith Kravitz healed herself from throat cancer with this healing modality!  Our body needs the breath to support the link between body and soul.  This is the link to our health and well being yet one we little utilize when the under oxygenated brain takes over and creates stress and anxiety.  Come to breath and allow your body the peace it needs to support health!

Sending love and light,

The Power To Heal

October 6, 2009

Hello to Each of You!

"I'm overwhelmed by the strength of my body and the power of my mind. For one moment, just one second, I feel immortal."

~Diana Nyad

There are these wondrous moments in life when we are truly present and feel the glory of what we have done, or how we have participated and what we are capable of doing and there is joy, peace and often exhilaration!

I have a dear friend who experienced something powerful this summer in that her mate faced a big medical procedure that could be life threatening due to a blockage in the body.  She stayed strong holding onto the vision, helped him to recuperate and heal with her healing abilities to aid him, not to mention her extremely powerful ability to send the love and support needed to hold him in the space of healing.  He was able to move through this experience, heal and come back to his life with exuberance and the ability to move freely and fully.  My friend was able to hold a space that held him strong with love, support both emotionally, spiritually and physically with her abilities and the energy of her own being.  She remained focused, loving and present throughout her mate’s process.   She was the springboard from which he emerged.

The power of her love and energy flowed from her without thought as if a natural stream from her being.  There are moments in our lives when we do these things and we see ourselves and we are raised by the power of our beings.  We are more knowing of ourselves and what is possible here on this earth when we hold the vision and do not veer from that space.

I don’t know that my friend would ever acknowledge her power in her mate’s life and well being but I could feel it and I am sure her mate could feel it as well.  All we are is energy and when we direct that energy in the highest form of love we are more powerful than we could ever imagine.  We have the power to transform what exists into higher energy.  When we think of someone with love; that energy is sent and received.  When we think of someone with something other than love that energy is sent and received and in all cases energy comes back to us.  It cannot be otherwise what we send out does come back, whether we call it karma or not.  This is taught over again and again in metaphysics that the energy we send out in thought form creates in the physical form all around us.

Another friend realized how he had been holding himself back and broke through that barrier.  He let go of the grip fear had and moved into the space beyond.  When we choose in this way we create change for ourselves and everyone involved is altered.  Everyone is freed in some way from old limitations and without those barriers we are expanded, we know more of ourselves and our own capabilities.  We are raised and we feel the power of our being, the power of the love that is all around us and supporting us every moment.  It flows through us and we become the love itself.

Try a simple experiment with a house plant and send it loving thoughts twice a day every day for a week and see what its growth level is compared to when this wasn’t sent.  You will see what love can do when we choose the action that love sponsors!  See physically how love makes things grow, then speak that love to someone close to you for free and for fun and watch the power of that love shared!  You will both be raised by sharing the most powerful energy that exists.  It heals, it expands, it frees us all!

Jump in and see how good it feels just choosing!  See how powerful you are in this world!

"When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid."

~Audre Lorde

Sending love and light,

Breath is a powerful way to unlock the barriers we hold within us!  Come join us for breath class!


November 14th Second Saturday at Mira Costa College, education for Women going through Divorce.  Class is $45 and you can pay at the door.  There is legal council speaking as well as a CPA Ginita Wall, and a Mediator.  I will be speaking on the emotional portion of healing through the process of divorce.  If you know anyone going through this process please share this information and have them come!

Breath Classes held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30,  a powerful way to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually!  The creator of Breath Work Judith Kravitz healed herself from throat cancer with this work!
What does Breath Work Do?  Opens and clears restricted breathing patterns producing:  more energy, increased detoxification, better health, improved respiratory capacity, a strengthened immune system and more balance.
Clears the subconscious mind which allows us to:  resolve stress, permanently clear repressed emotions such as: anger, fear, anxiety, guilt and depression.  Removes old mental tapes and programs of limitation and lack, which creates more peace, creativity and clarity.  It releases past traumas located in the cellular memory. Allows easier access to higher dimensions and levels of consciousness which gives us stronger connection to Higher Self, fuller expression of Spiritu


July 20, 2009

Hello To Each Of You!

"If the whole world followed you, would you be pleased with where you took it?"

~Neale Donald Walsch

Inspiration is something we all seek and often believe happens outside ourselves. We will wait until it appears or envelops us to create, sing, paint, write or whatever it is we do with it. And yet what if we didn’t really need to wait for it as though it were a visitor who might not arrive after all?

What if you had only to look within yourself to be inspired? What if it were that easy to think thoughts about yourself and the world around you that instantly lifted your mood and created joy so great you ask yourself why you don’t do this every day? When we look at the quality of our days do we usually spend them with uplifting thoughts or the negative ones for company? When we are with others are we in a hurry to share what is great or what is wrong? Can we look again and see how perfect things are? Can we find the beauty once again in ourselves and all around us?

It is a good practice to look at ourselves and truly see without judgment how we are spending our days our lives as though they were precious things to spend. We often forget we have a great effect on those around us as well. If we are imparting negativity it will affect those we are speaking with as well as our own beings. If we knew that consciously how would we choose to speak to others? Would we focus more on the love and beauty that exists or would we still focus on the negativity, the doubt, fear and lack? This is not to suggest we cannot ask for help when we are feeling down and get perspective on life events however the greater gift is to look at the quality of our thoughts and how they affect our emotions. Just taking note will help us to move into a place of consciousness about what and how we feel everyday.

Our emotions are guiding by our thoughts. We are responsible for how we feel every day by the thoughts we are thinking and playing. Often we are programmed with a level of thought pattern we were gifted with when we were children. Thoughts and messages were constantly being played and we absorbed them unconsciously and now we play them to ourselves with that same unconsciousness. The awareness without judgment is the first step to change.

Spending time with others and giving that gift of conscious light is an amazing way to live. It feels good to become conscious of what we are sending out not only to attract that frequency back to ourselves but to know what we are sending out to those around us.

Would you be pleased with where you took the world around you??
Remember there is no judgment, only experience and consciousness rising.
What if we could get to this place of no judgment and really receive the guidance that is here for us every moment?

I had someone come for breath work that became aware of the negative messages he played to himself in his own mind. He became aware but was not engaging with the messages therefore they had no power over him and he could begin to decide if he wanted to continue in this pattern or do the work to change it and choose different messages to play to himself. The love he felt in breath work, in his connected state fueled him to choose differently even for himself. How he chooses for himself will effect those around him as well! We are all one!

Come breathe and become aware and free to choose again!
The greatest gift we were given was the ability to choose for free and for fun!

"Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it's holy ground. There is no greater investment."

~Stephen Covey

Sending love and light,


EFT training for beginners at Stillpoint August 12th at 6:30-8:30 please call to reserve your space for class to learn how to let go of negative emotions immediately! 760.479.9890

Support Group for two home families going through divorce, beginning Tuesday September 15th meeting every other Tuesday. Group rate is $30 per person per session or $25 month paid in advance.
Email karen@recreatingfamilies.com to join group, limited space available please call or email to reserve space.

Second Saturday November 14th at 8:30 Mira Costa College, educational class for women going through divorce. can pay at the door $45 for the day 8:30 to 1:30 pm

Breath Classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 6:30 – 8:30 pm please call or email to reserve your space as it is limited. This powerful work will alter negative emotions, physical ailments as well as processing trauma. We cannot fit into the same old patterns when we do this level of work!! Everything is possible!

Remembering Who We Are

June 3, 2009

Hello to Each of You,

"When we seek for connection, we restore the world to wholeness. Our seemingly separate lives become meaningful as we discover how truly necessary we are to each other."

~Margaret Wheatley

I recently read an account of a woman who was homeless and living her darkest moment of fear and loneliness.  She encountered another homeless person and felt such compassion for his plight she began to pray that help come to him and alter his circumstance, she asked to be able to help him herself.   She received the guidance, “go to the church and ask for help to feed the homeless”.  Immediately she began to feel fear that she would be rejected and cast out and this fear held her back.  She then thought of the man in need and somehow her desire to help and her compassion for him strengthened her to move out of her fear for herself and go to the nearest church and ask for the priest and request help to feed the homeless.   She was accepted and aided in creating a program to feed many who were in need.  She then was given a job as a secretary to this program and found her soul purpose.  Her life is forever altered as are others who she touched.

I found this so inspiring not only the desire to be of service to others as this offers indescribable joy, but the ability to overcome the fear that can arise when we are asked to do something bigger that will alter our own lives in order to change other’s lives.  This is stepping out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary, believing in something larger than ourselves to guide us to make changes.  When there is an answer to our call for help, and that guidance comes it can feel uncomfortable.  What will we have to do to help ourselves live something different?  What will be asked of us?

Facing fears that arise from change and how that will affect our lives; will we have our same friends, family connections, marriages and jobs?  Often the insight that comes can bring enormous changes to our lives and are we ready to have the faith that all will be well if we follow the guidance even if everyone around us believes it is “crazy”.  If we let go and never choose the courage to make the changes that come in the guidance we can live forever in that shadow of ourselves always hoping but never truly believing it was possible.  This is painful.

What if we knew,(remembered) that we were so loved we would never be without that which we need and stepped off the edge with that knowingness?  Would we ever truly be afraid again if we really knew how loved we were?  Could we believe in the doubt demons that whispered maybe we weren’t good enough?  Would we contract ever again with limitations because “it just doesn’t happen for someone like me”? If we truly remembered how deeply loved we were we couldn’t indulge in these illusions.  It is like seeing through a scary movie.  It just doesn’t hold any power.

Mediation helps us to see through the illusions.  It connects us to something larger than we knew moments before, more loving more powerful than we ever imagined could exist because we forget.  Remember again and go inside for the guidance the love and the Truth!

Just because it feels so good to remember again!

"I am so glad you are here. It helps me to realize how beautiful my world is."

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Come breathe and remember your Truth again.  Letting go of illusions, fears and connecting up again!

Future Classes:

June 17th EFT come learn the technique and create your own program individualized for your life and emotions.  Flyer to follow!

Breath Classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 6:30 pm  come experience how easy healing can be!

Beginning mediation classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 1-2 pm  come begin your practice and learn to connect up every day!

Two-Home Family group support every other Thursday evening at 7 pm  come meet others re-creating and choosing to support one another learning new tools to create a positive loving environment for kids and parents!

Sending love and light,

Happy Month of May!

May 7, 2009

Happy Month of May!
“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures”
Thornton Wilder

Are we really conscious of what we do have?? A beautiful being in my group shared about helping a woman in Africa who had never had a bed to sleep in. Because of the work people are doing to help make life better for many in Africa she now has a bed for the first time in her life.

How often do we really look around us and see all that we do have instead of listing that which we do not? When we look around and see how we have shelter, food, clothing and in actuality so much more than we need we get to see how truly blessed we are. We also begin to realize we need to little to be well. Often we have enormous amounts of things, so much so we rent storage spaces to have more places to put it all. How strange are we to collect so much stuff that we can even forget what is in boxes in the garage or storage. Yet we can still feel we do not have enough.

We are creating the illusion by not being truly present and looking around us. There is abundance all around us. It has always existed and it always will, it is just energy. Gratitude is the door to abundance. When we take time to be in the moment and say thank you more often than I need or I want we are supporting our joy our continued abundance which flows from joy and gratitude. Life can be so simple and as usual it is choice. How can we step into the simplicity? Practice being present for five minutes today and look around you, really look and begin to say thank you for everything you are witnessing around you even if you don’t own it, it doesn’t matter you are getting to witness it. Maybe it is the ocean, the way the sun falls upon the leaves of a tree, the beauty of one single flower on the side of the road. Maybe a person smiling and being kind, maybe your own home your sanctuary and say thank you to it for giving your shelter, for protecting you. Notice all that is around you and say Thank you!

Notice how you begin to feel saying thank you and being completely present. That is the gift you just offered up today to yourself, to others to the world. Where would we be if we said thank you more often?? It would be fun find out! Choose your moment to be present today and begin your chant! Discover how you feel in your new practice, share it with others and they will join you!!

“I believe in everything the heart can stand” Casey Haymes

Future Classes:

EFT Workshop Wednesday May 20th at Stillpoint in Encinitas at 6:30 pm light refreshments offered, come learn how to release negative emotions immediately and effectively! Please call to reserve your space 760.479.9890

Breath Classes Every Monday and Friday at 6:30, come heal your bodies and let go of past traumas and pain. Feel what it is like to be free and in an altered state of consciousness! Call or email to reserve your space in class next class is Monday May 11th come join in the light!!!

Support for two home families every other Thursday evening in Carmel Valley 7-9 pm Next meeting Thursday May 14th Please RSVP for this class as space is limited! Fee $30 come feel the support of group and learn new tools to create the life you choose!

Please visit www.ibeleiveinbreath.com <http://www.ibeleiveinbreath.com/> and learn more about breath work classes!!!

Sending you love and light,

Happy Beautiful Spring!

April 18, 2009

Happy Beautiful Spring!

“What happens when the soul takes hold of the eyes?”                            Casey Haymes

When we live solely from our thoughts our emotions are often whirling and we often wonder why we have good days and bad days.  Our thoughts create our emotions and then our behaviors and we often feel like our thoughts are out of our control.  There are tapes we have been listening to for so long we don’t even consciously know they are there. We have ways of looking at ourselves and others that are just habit and sometimes those habits make us feel badly.

Have you every noticed how your emotions can be altered by the minute depending on what is happening around you and then layered with judgment of what is going on around you makes it even worse?  This is a powerful combination that can lead us out of peace and into reaction.  Most of our intimate relationships are lived in reaction to one another because we are playing thoughts and judgments about everything that is going on.  This is how we stay in a cycle of behavior that doesn’t feel great to anyone.

What if we were willing to look with new eyes?  What if we were willing to look through more loving eyes, more compassionate eyes?  How would we feel then?  The answer is more love and compassion which feels better than anger, fear and pain.  So why don’t we do this more?  Working with people on relationships we often focus on loving Self so that we are choosing consciously our path of thought.  Choosing the path which supports our own emotional joy and happiness seems so logical but we don’t always do it.  It often seems easier to be in reaction losing sight of how we really want to feel to how we are used to feeling.  It is the choice of habit over vision.

The work on reprogramming buttons is essential so we are no longer in reaction but in action as in our highest vision of ourselves.  When we do the deeper work of understanding our buttons and where they came from we can then step out of the pattern of reactive behavior and into witnessing what is happening and then making more conscious choices.  When we choose the action that love sponsors we always look back and love how we showed up and there isn’t anyone or anything that can take that away or diminish it in the least.  When we deprogram buttons and step beyond the illusion of not feeling safe or loved in relationship we are able to more freely choose our response in any moment.  We are free.  Understanding how much of our present life is being dictated by the past is key to moving forward and gaining the ability to make changes.

Our intimate relationships are so powerful to help us gain this deeper knowledge of ourselves.  To know ourselves is to love and understand ourselves.  The compassion and love begins inside each of us by our willingness to look again with new eyes; the eyes of the soul.  The Soul is all knowing, all loving and has no fear.  It’s a wonderful place to be and spend time!  Meditation helps us be in that connected space along with breath work and suddenly we see clearly in the most beautiful way the Truth.

Come breathe and be free!! visit the new website for breath work www.ibelieveinbreath.com <http://www.ibelieveinbreath.com/>

“I learn it every day of my life, learn it with pain I am grateful for: patience is everything!”                                      Rilke

Breath class this Monday April 20th and Wednesday April 22nd at 6:30 only this week!
If you would like a private please call to schedule your time as I will be gone from April 24th to May 8th
Classes will resume Monday May 11th as usual at 6:30 and Friday May 15th at 6:30

Future Class coming on EFT and the practice you can learn to release negative emotions immediately and feel free of negative pain!

Breathe deeply and consciously every day for ten minutes playing the tape “I am safe and I am loved” and watch your day unfold from that beautiful place!

Sending love and light,