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“Have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, some day far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.”

Rainer Maria Rilke


March 25, 2009

Hello to Each One of You,

Happy Official Spring!

“The Universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it” Marcus Aurelius Antoinius

Change is always in motion and yet we are not always used to it or comfortable with it. It is the one guaranteed event that we are aware of and even then it can take us by surprise. The question would then be; how do we keep our equilibrium with the mass changes we are experiencing and come to the realization that we are creating them ourselves!

I have had the question posed recently that if this is what I am experiencing is this not reality? The answer is yes and you are creating that reality through your thought process. We will pulse thoughts throughout the day and often we are not even conscious of those thoughts as we have been playing them for years and now we are no longer sensitized to them. It is like watching a movie over and over where it doesn’t hold your attention because you are so familiar with it.

These thoughts we are pulsing are creating an electric energy going out into the world and that energy sent out is also attracting like energy and bringing this back to us in the form of experiences. Depending on the frequency of the thoughts meaning the magnetic impulse of the thought and the frequency as in how often together with the emotions attached to the thoughts will bring the energetic reaction back to us in a more powerful way. For example if I am pulsing thoughts of not enough abundance and a powerful emotion of fear is attached to that thought and I am repeating it constantly I can quickly bring about the experience “reality” of “not enough” in my life. This is how our thoughts create our reality.

If this is true why then do we hold an intention and often times that which we are holding does not come to fruition? The power of intention is based on complete alignment of mind, body, soul connected state to create experience. If we are choosing to experience abundance in monetary form yet our background might be many experiences of lack then we might begin to have the emotion of fear around lack which can then block the manifestation of abundance in the form of money. Looking more closely into the emotions that might be underlying the thought in the intention is key to moving into that experience which might be a new one. If we have emotional barriers to this new experience these barriers need to be released in order to allow ourselves the experience in our “reality”.

The next issue is our understanding of our reality itself. Often people ask if this is what I feel is this not the truth of what is happening? Again the answer is yes and we can see that in this massive change we are going through globally why are some people experiencing tremendous fear and loss and others are experiencing a level of expansion and feeling possibilities even while these changes are occurring.

The answer is that our judgment around what is happening is also affecting our experience. Again back to the issue and quality of our thoughts. If we are perceiving these changes on a global level to be precarious and life threatening as is appears on the news we will be feeling FEAR and the creation of our days will begin from that level. If we are choosing from a level of emotional fear we are not always choosing from our highest level we are choosing from a more contracted state and this will lead to lower level decisions. I have chosen to not watch the news as it has altered tremendously from when I was a child and it was called “straight news” and has now altered into mostly opinion from many people not educated in making these opinions.

As a culture we have become interested and often obsessed with the negative, from fright movies to gore to horror and in that fascination we become addicted to news watching it off and on all day. This is planting some very fear based thoughts into our minds which will feed from this input for days. This leads to sleeplessness, thoughts of fear of lack of abundance even for people who might not be experiencing any lack in their own lives but are now pulsing thoughts about someday soon not having enough!

This is how powerful our thoughts are and how we can lead into judging our experience and then finding it hard to work our way into creating different experiences that might correspond more closely to our intention.

So how do we work our way out of the fear thought process and alter our outer reality? The answer is to cleanse the thought process and release the old negative emotions that block and clog our choice of intention. There are two methods that work powerfully to alter our outer reality by altering our inner quality of experience. Breath Work allows us to break free from the incessant chatter of the mind and have the experience of peace of mind, body and soul.

When our consciousness is altered to this degree we are no longer held hostage by crazy thoughts nor identifying so much with the 1000 or so thoughts a day we might have. We experience freedom that we usually only hear about and imagine. We are in a state of awareness as to receive the answers to questions we may have been asking. These answers have always been within our being and yet without freedom from the overactive mind we cannot always hear the answers that are within. We get to process emotions from the physical body which can sponsor illness and mental turmoil and let go of the past which can have a powerful hold over us.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique is another powerful tool to immediately release negative emotions around past experiences and traumas that might bubble up for us at unexpected moments and take us out of our daily life experience thought doubt, fear and worry. EFT releases these emotions and allows us to see the past with equanimity and without pain. When we can see the past calmly we are no longer hostage to the past. We are then able to be fully present and create from that place of joy, and peace which is powerful and key to attracting the experiences we are choosing!

Meditation is another powerful tool to create life from the inside out with consciousness. Over the years as my own practice has grown, I have noticed my ability to choose my response rather than be in instant reaction, has grown. While I still have buttons that get pushed I am able to go inside for direction and still choose the action that love sponsors through meditation rather than reacting from fear. The practice of meditation allows us to feel and be filled with the love that alters our being. Being filled with the love and the peace allows us to respond versus react when things occur. Responding instead of reacting will alter any situation quickly and positively when we are choosing the most loving action.

If we rely on our minds only for guidance we can be turning circles in possibilities of reaction and vying for an outcome. When we come from that loving place the outcome is already within us. We remember we are loved and we are safe and once again everything is calm. Meditation helps us to live from this state and alters our “reality” instantly!

Come breathe and alter your state of consciousness allowing you to create health in your mind, body and soul! Classes are every Monday and Friday evenings at 6:30 to 8:30, your will find you release tension stress, old emotional baggage and alter your body’s physical state of health just by breathing in a different pattern! Your body needs you to breathe and in today’s world everyone is holding their breath due to fear and stress. Feel what it feels like to be free of it all!

Come experience EFT and know what it is like to be free of past trauma, old relationship pain and anger, fear and loss. From this point of freedom you will create on a much higher level of peace and calm!

Come begin your own meditation practice, classes are every Tuesday and Thursday at 1-2 pm experience the flow of a short soul talk, learn breath exercises to connect up, diving deep for meditation and then a guided visualization for health and well being. You will feel peaceful, loving and in connection for your day!

“You who want knowledge, seek the Oneness within” Hadewijch II


Stillpoint Body Lounge April 15th a powerful class on relationship with self and others! Learn tools instantly that you can use to alter your experience in relationship and allow the love to be present once again! Class begins at 6:30 – 8:30 and light snacks will be provided. 760.479.9890 come join me for this great empowering class helping us all to move forward in our relationships!!

April 19th Sunday a special breath class for kids and parents. Suggested minimum age is 11 years old for kids. Come experience the power of breath with your child and have this expanded, healing and loving experience together! Please reserve your space for this class as space is limited, 858.204.1876

***Every other Thursday group meetings for two home family members choosing to learn how to re-create in a peaceful positive way and allowing ourselves to learn and grow from our past relationships. Freeing ourselves from pain, sadness and anger! We will begin at 7 pm going to 9 pm. Fee is $30 per person We often learn from others sharing their experience of relationship as well as the dispelling of any illusions that we are the only ones to have this experience! We are all One! Please let me know if you are planning to join this group as we will commit to our sessions and bond as a group. Our first class will be April 2nd.

Breath Classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 pm call or email for your space!
Meditation classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 1-2 pm for beginners and those who love the energy of group meditation!

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Sending love and light,

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