Quote of the Week

“Have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, some day far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Happy Warm and Cozy Winter!

December 29th, 2008

Happy Warm and Cozy Winter!

“From within or from behind, a light shines through us and upon things and makes us aware that we are nothing but the light is all” Emerson

Ah the light, something we all want and yet it can be so obscured by our thoughts. These powerful messages sent by the thousands through our minds, unhindered, unbridled thoughts of chaos and mayhem which then lead us down a dreary path! Where did the Light go?
The Light is always present and it is as easy as flicking the switch! The Light can be turned back on by reigning in the thoughts, disciplining them and directing them towards that which supports how we choose to feel. Challenging? Hard? Impossible? Yes, challenging at first, like learning to play the piano or a new language, it takes practice and determination to learn. It requires the willingness to be open to form new sounds with an already formed palate; the willingness to be vulnerable trying and not quite reaching perfection, yet still willing to continue the effort. Why would we do all of this?

The only reason that exists is to reach the Light, to remember we are the Light itself as that is where we came from. How could we be anything else separate from the Light? Yet we forget we play thoughts of unworthiness, of darkness, doubt and fear and suddenly we have forgotten as though we never knew. All it takes to remember again is the choice to redirect the thought to gratitude. When I have entered the darkened domain of fear and doubt through the narrow passageway of my thoughts I choose again and again to redirect with the words “thank you” followed by an absolute list of things I can now flow unreservedly of my truth of experience for which I am grateful. My family, the love I have been able to feel for people who have floated and appeared throughout my life, my home, my work, the joy I feel when I am connected and can feel whenever I choose simply by choosing a thought pattern! Try creating your own pattern of thought towards the Light through GRATITUDE!

This is the ending of one year and the beginning of another. Look at all you have been given in this year both that which created pain and discomfort that brought you to new awareness and that which you have been given that brought the breathlessness of joy and new experiences! Allow yourself to move into this new year of experience by choosing to be connected to your Source by choosing gratitude, love and joy.

This new year is the number 9 which is a number representing completions and/or endings. We are in a time and space to let go of old attachments to come to new understandings of ourselves and life as we have been creating it and allow ourselves to step into a new and deeper connected state of awareness, creating consciously with compassion, love and understanding! This is our time to move forward to a new dimension.

There is a current of energy already in place. What can you do? Just be in flow with what is already. Breathing, meditating, and choosing higher forms of expressions of love is the key to keeping all doors and windows open!

Come breathe and remember again who you are and the Light from which you came!

We will be breathing on New Year’s Eve from 5-7 with a short meditation afterwards. Please let me know if you are choosing to begin your year connected, peaceful and joy filled! Class as usual on Friday 1/2/09 at 6:30! Monday’s class on 1/5 will begin at 5:30 to 7:30!

Sending you love and Light,

December 15, 2008,

Flowing into Winter, going inward,

“I swear to you there are Divine things more beautiful than words can tell” Walt Whitman

The holidays often evoke a myriad of emotions, some of which can make us feel badly. The reason that we sometimes feel these emotions is that there are so many expectations placed on the holidays. If we watch television there are thousands of images portrayed that give us the impression of how the holidays should look and feel. Suddenly it is there, expectations and our actuality is not meeting the imagery. When we create the expectations we are no longer in the moment. We miss what is truly there for us. We can show up like children again, having joy just with what is. The beautiful simplicity of being in the moment. Practice letting go of expectations and just show up with your love, your joy and let it unfold knowing the Truth! You are safe and you are loved! Be of service as there is no other faster way to joy than helping another!

The focus of holidays long ago was taken from the simplicity and joy of reverence, gratitude and love to an “ism” which is one of the most powerful, “commercialism”. We are being asked to re-create in a different way because the joy, which is our birthright, has been so diminished. It is easier to live in the simplicity and share moments in the sharing of love, friendship and gratitude than it is to chase the imagery! One family decided to write a loving letter to each member of their family to communicate what that person meant in their lives. What a gift of love to receive! Imagine knowing that your life had touched another so deeply just because of who you are, just because of your presence.

You can share this with others here and now. When I am asked “Do you think this gift is enough”? ( perfect, because in the past I asked this question) I always respond with, your true gift is the love imbibed in the gift, the gift is just an extra. Remember how good it feels to know you are loved. It feels that good to others as well. That is the true gift of this season, it is and always has been the love! So gather those around you and hold them close and tell them how you love them! Because when we leave these bodies the one thing that is so important to us is for those around us to know that we loved them. This I learned from my father when he let go of his body. He wouldn’t leave until he had communicated his love for each of us. So share your love now, make sure it is known for there is no other moment than this moment, now.

This season of Winter is a time to go within, the days are shorter, the nights longer and there is opportunity to go deeper inside and connect to that love that always resides within. Often we are outwardly distracted, there is always something we can be “doing”. Yet taking the time, precious time to be still and go inward offers so much more than we ever dreamed of, all the love we ever wanted is there. This season offers that gift, that brightness, that connected state.

We already have it all, to find it, to receive it, all we have to do is be willing to be still, to turn inward and dive deep! Meditation is the key to receiving it all and breaking through the illusions. We are rich beyond measure and the amazing thing is there is always more! More love, more light, more miracles to appear all around you!

Come dive deep and breathe until you remember who you are and where you came from!
I will be offering a breath class early on new years eve from 5-7 followed by a mediation, to begin the new year connected and with love. If you would like to join us, just send a note with your intention to be here.

Breath classes are every Monday and Friday evenings at 6:30!

Sending love and light,


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

“This now is it. This. Your deepest need and desire is satisfied by the moment’s energy here in your hand” Rumi

How wonderful we have a national day devoted to giving gratitude! We have a wonderful opportunity to go deep inside for just that purpose. Many people consider Thanksgiving to be their favorite holiday as it is not dependent upon any outward display, shopping, gifts, money or imagery but an inward connection to Spirit and coming together in celebration! We celebrate by offering gratitude for our most basic gift of sustanence which supports life, food. We prepare it and share it and enjoy it. We have the opportunity to know what is truly important and realize all the rest is only surface. We have what is truly important and we can share the abundance with those who have less.

This time of change we are going through is offering us the time to go within and see what is truly essential and what we have been seeking outside ourselves to make us happy. It never shows up in the form of “enough” when we seek outside ourselves. The void is always still present and we wonder why. The void is always filled by connecting up and giving gratitude as a way of coming back into Truth. We are safe and we are loved and this under everything else seems to be our biggest fear. This day presents a practice of realizing truth and living in that space rather than the density of fear. We can then practice this every day beginning with gratitude rather than once a year. This practice changes life immediately and deeply.

Choose this day to go inside and see what is truly there for you on this sacred journey. All the people who have come into your life offering the gift of you getting to know yourself better by offering up that mirror image. All the love that has been offered to you, all the opportunity to choose each and every day. We have all been given the greatest gift of Free Will to choose.
Exercise that gift now with choosing gratitude for all that is. Choose gratitude whether you are with others or having a sacred moment to go inside and be with yourself. Choose love whether alone or with others because you can because it feels better than choosing otherwise and you are worthy of the goodness you can feel when you choose higher! This is the gift we give ourself and yet others receive this gift when we shine that energy outward choosing love.

Come breath and connect up choosing health, life and love!

Classes are every Monday and Friday evenings at 6:30!

“let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground” Rumi

Sending love, light and gratitude,


Happy November, the soft beauty of Fall

Happy November, the soft beauty of Fall,

“Compassionate towards yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world” Lao Tzu

One subject that has come up tremendously lately is the “inner judge”. How often do we put on our heavy black robes and sit up high and reach for the heavy gavel to slap down our judgments upon others? How often does that same inner judge take that action against us?? Whatever is inside us will reflect back outwards to those around us. It cannot be otherwise. This is the moment to understand just how damaging that inner judge can be. How that judge hurts you every day finding you lacking and then finding others lacking, not ok, not worthy, undeserving perhaps even unlovable.

The pain that is created by that inner judge is the pain of separation. Suddenly we feel apart from the love if we judge ourselves. We feel apart from others if we judge them. And then there is the greatest pain, separation from the One. This pain has been experienced by every being at some time or another. It is almost like a death. The pain goes deep and sometimes you find people who have lived a lifetime in this pain. They are closed off, bitter, cold and there are only negative words coming from their lips. The only choice is to fire the inner judge and to choose compassion. When we make this choice we are free, we are in the Unity and we are lifted in that loving choice.

When we retire the judge, come down from our lofty seat up high we are one with everyone. There is no more illusion of being alone. The pain is gone and we are free. This is the time to take off the heavy black robe, set down the gavel and choose the Oneness. The first step is just to notice the judge when he/she pops up and start putting them on notice. They are no longer in charge. You are now directing and choosing from a higher place of connectedness = love, compassion and forgiveness.

One of the most rapid ways of firing the judge and taking back power is to breathe! Once we are in the freed state of breathing fully there is no judgment there is only the soul state of expanded loving consciousness, awake and aware. There is only the journey of the soul to remember again who it is and where it came from. The greatest gift of all is that of free will! We get to exercise this gift every day. We get to choose how we will show up, judging others, criticizing or loving and seeing the beauty joining in the One.

Come breathe and connect to your soul and be free!

Class this Friday will be from 4-6 and normal hours will resume next week for Monday and Friday classes for group at 6:30!

“Returning to the Source is serenity” Lao Tzu

Sending love and light,


Happy Fall! a time to begin going inside to do the inner work

October 23, 2008

Happy Fall!, a time to begin going inside to do the inner work

“when the act of reflection takes place in the mind, when we look at ourselves in the light of thought, we discover that our life is embosomed in beauty” Emerson

Sometimes in the present borage of messaging by the media we are caught in the sharp teeth of fear. When that fear grips us we are frozen and it can take over in our thoughts, our emotions and in our behavior. Everything can take a downward turn. Try something new and different, turn off the television, turn off radio, turn off anything which offers a fearful message and go within to create your own message. Play beautiful music in your sanctuary, fill your space with the beauty and peace you choose to embody and live in every day.

The Truth is that Abundance has always existed and will always exist it is just a current of energy and appears and manifest in all forms as we invite it into our lives with our gratitude and our joy. Tap into what is truly here now. It is an opportunity to alter how we have been living for many years, in fear of not enough. Ego driven, “what is there for me”? When we think this level of thought we can create lack; when we think of gratitude for all that is, all that we already have and have been given we are in abundance and feel the joy, the peace and live in the truth. The truth is we need so little to be well but we have created a mass illusion that we need so much then we struggle to support all that “stuff”. We can come back to the simplicity and the peace of knowing abundance and allow ourselves to receive it.

In order to calm the mind we must breathe. Try breathing for 5-10 minutes slowly and deeply inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth while silently repeating “I am safe and I am loved”. You will feel altered after this exercise for only this amount of time and your being will recognize truth. You can begin to play new tapes all day that support this truth with your gratitude leading. You will be out of the illusion of lack and into abundance of joy, love, health and the flow of money. Just allow it to be here within and around you.

A powerful tool to calm the mind and know Truth and create health is Transformational Breath Work. You will be altered in mind, body and soul when you breathe on this level. There is no going back to the old way of creating. Your health will be raised, your mind calmed and quieted and your soul allowed to be in command. Remember your soul, has no fear, knows no lack and is aligned with love and joy. Remember to join again with your own being through breath and meditation.

These are the keys to well being and connection!

Come breathe and be connected, abundant and free!

Sending love and light,


Looking Anew

September 26, 2008

Hello to Each of You,

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” Marcel Proust

Can we look again at what is here in our lives? Can we see with new eyes all that we truly have? There is tremendous unrest presently and a feeling of underlying fear of the unknown. But can we look again at what is truly here? Perhaps we can re-examine the idea of enough and play a new tape. “I have enough time, I have enough money, I have an abundance of love”. There is no lack, that is only illusion, yet the more we play that tape in our minds the more we can create what feels like that reality. What are you choosing for your reality?

What if you looked again at love and played the tape I am surrounded by love. Even if it feels like the opposite is true, begin playing this tape and there will be a change. You will begin to feel better, safer, more connected to those around you. You will begin to be more loving and send out that love you seek. The Truth is there is abundance in everything. When we create relationships we often create emotional pain. We begin to fear we are not loved or the love might disappear.

This thought begins to make us contract and we are not fully present in relationship. We don’t trust even those closest to us to love us. We focus on those around us to give us the love we need so we often make ourselves live a certain way to insure we get the love we feel we need. We forget to focus on the first relationship with Self, loving Self and remembering the Truth of our being. We are not these bodies, we are not these thoughts, we are so much more! We are the Light, we come from the Light. How could we be anything less than the Light?

The first relationship begins by going within not seeking outside ourselves. The love is all there. All you ever dreamed of receiving is there within you. Becoming conscious of that love is to go within in the quiet space and reconnect with your Soul-Self. So beautiful, so loving, so perfect, YOU!

Look again with new eyes at you and see all your beauty all your perfection, choose love. I promise there is enough love! Enough of everything all we have to do is begin the practice with our thoughts and it is all there before our eyes!

Come breathe and connect up!!

Sending love and light,


Ps I will be out of the country until Oct. 5th. Please email in case of important need and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Breath Classes will resume on October 6th at 6:30 pm. I hope to see you here!

Love Is All There Is

September 11, 2008

“Love is the only thing that truly exists, all the rest we make up” Karen Winter

I painted these words and the canvas hangs in my living room where I teach breath class. It is so beautiful to witness people who breathe and after their journey they view this painting as they have before and suddenly they see the words as if they have risen from the depths of the see and they are now revealed! It is us who can now see clearly. The Truth and the words have always been there it is our consciousness which has been altered so we can see clearly all that is really here before us.

Even that which is invisible or intangible is suddenly before us. Magic!
I have had the honor to breathe couples who are choosing to end their present relationship of marriage and witness them both getting to a clearer understanding of the presence of love between them and then the gratitude which floods their being. There is such softness in the room, such Presence and reverence of the gift of relationship and the love that is present. We have greater clarity in our own lives when we breathe. It does not only raise our level of health physically but mentally as well. We are aware on a much deeper level of how others have participated in our lives to teach us more about ourselves. We then can accept the gift and create life on a deeper level.

I recently had an experience with a loving being. She was offering me a gift and in that moment it felt challenging to receive with just a “thank you” I let her know she was pushing all my buttons. What I know is that she was showing up to be my teacher to let me know I had those buttons and then I could decide what to do with them. She was letting me know how well I was doing with the balance of giving and receiving. I know myself better now and I choose to deprogram my receive button. She showed up in that moment as my greatest teacher. I have better awareness. I am in gratitude.

Know that teachers show up in all forms in life, sometimes making us feel fear, anger, resentment, lack, joy, gratitude and all the other possibilities. Whatever that person evokes in you is the gift of more information about yourself. Often we miss the gift and relentless speak of what the other person is doing yet our emotions are our responsibility. Take a sacred moment to breathe deeply, look inside without judgment or blame and see what you can inside yourself. Always remembering you are safe and you are loved. What button is being pushed and how can you reprogram it? what can you let go of to be present and peaceful, healthy and joyful? Its all right here for us. All we have to do is breathe and we will have more answers more peace and more health!

Come breathe and love yourself enough to dive deep inside. The first relationship is with our very own Self!

Sending love and light,


Ease Into Fall

August 28, 2008

As we ease into Fall we begin to go inside …….

“In stillness the world is restored” Lao Tzu

There are tremendous accounts of illness in our present day culture and yet we live in a time when health could be at an optimum level due to the knowledge and resources we have available to us. There are some key factors that are affecting our health greatly in present times and two of them are the foods we eat and our stress levels in daily life. Our food source is tremendously altered with chemicals and genetic altering. This can be easily avoided in our lives by choosing organic foods, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking more water every day.

There is a new source of drinking water that has tremendous health benefits called alkaline drinking water which is provided by a machine attached to your faucet to oxygenate the water we take in daily. The amount of processed foods we consume in our country has greatly altered our overall health status. The amount of chemical consumption in our bodies by processed foods is truly dangerous to our health. Even in our busy schedules remember that simple is healthier. Fresh is best and more water in your daily diet will make a definite difference in physical well being.

The other culprit in our decline in health is our daily stress. Stress exists and yet we create more stress and fear with our thoughts. The amount of fear based and negative thoughts we have during the day will increase blood pressure and stress our adrenals to the point of ill health. Over prolonged periods the bodies own immune system is impaired and no longer able to sustain the health levels we desire.

One simple antidote for this effect is setting time aside every day 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening to sit still and breathe deeply, in through the nose and out through the mouth. You will find the breath brings you back to the present moment instead of vaulting out into the future where we have imagined things in a negative way. This negative vision (though imagined) feels real to your emotional being and you being to feel fear, stress and or worry. All have a negative effect over time on the body. Dr. Bruce Lipton has done extensive research on our physical DNA to prove that negative thought patterns will actually make our cells deteriorate and die, whereas a positive thought which supports a high vibration will bring those same cells back to life! So thinking positive is not just a feel good moment it is a necessity for a healthy body. Our physical being depends on our emotional well being.

If we have lived traumatic experiences in our past breath work can eliminate that negative frequency from our physical body and our emotional body. EFT will release negative emotions as well from specific traumatic events from physical abuse to emotional traumas. They are two powerful tools to help us be healthy, whole and present in our own bodies.

*As you notice a negative thought passing through experiment on how you can change that thought around into a positive. Begin with gratitude and see something resolving itself positively, or a disagreement being settled, money being received, health being restored and/or a change bringing a positive new experience. Play with this, at first it may feel challenging but look at it like an exercise the more you strengthen this muscle the easier it becomes to do the work!
How would it feel to be energized, present, aware and peaceful all at the same time? When we are living at this level creating the life we choose becomes easy and graceful. All you have to do is allow yourself to receive all your good!

Come breath and choose health and radiance!

“When the act of reflection takes place in the mind, when we look at ourselves in the light of truth, we discover that our life is embosomed in beauty” Emerson

Sending love and light,


Fly High As You Can

August 3, 2008

Hello To Each Of You,

Happy August!

“Once you have flown, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward; for there you have been, there you long to return” Leonardo da Vinci

When we have had a tremendously uplifting experience we long to return to it or to feel it again. When we feel joy we desire that feeling again in our lives however we often focus on other things in our daily lives which do not feel joyful, challenges in relationships, pressures of career, jobs and finances, and the stress of every day life in our modern day culture. Where can we go to find the peace? Where can we go to create health, and the wisdom to create what we would like to live? The answer is inside! In fact all the answers are inside each one of us.

We have been given an amazing gift and it is right under our noses and that which we often overlook. In fact it is through the nose that we can begin to hear the answers and that is through breathing. We can increase our physical health through breathing more regularly, more deeply and with Transformational Breath Class we can release negative past emotions, increase physical health and energy and feel the joy again!

We often look far outside ourselves for our joy and happiness which creates all kinds of havoc. We look for it in riches, material possessions and even in other people, who we think, will bring us what we want. We all want to be loved, to belong and to be valued. All this is deep within each of us and all we have to do to feel it is breathe and you will feel that connection so deep, so strong so undeniable you will know your truth and know that all you desire you have already within. Your source is not any person, place or circumstance it is the love within your being, your connected state.

When we do not breathe, fear often takes over and we feel alone, isolated, and lack of that which we desire, and the fear takes over. Come breathe and know your truth. Come breathe and create health, energy and feel the love that is so deep so abiding!

“Ever object, every being, is a jar full of delight” Rumi

I look forward to seeing each of you in breath class or in session to create your beautiful life!

Sending you love and light,


Breaking The Barriers To Love

July 18, 2008

Hello To Each One Of You,

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek to find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” Rumi

Your body is your temple! So now the question is who is in your temple? Who are you letting inside? Whatever we allow in will affect the strength, health, emotional stability and the equanimity of our being. Who is in your temple? When we choose food that isn’t supporting health our temple will be altered. There are tremendous amounts of things in this world that do not support our health. My 13 year old is learning that a donut tastes good and yet it makes her stomach hurt afterward. There is the choice of a moment’s pleasure compared to an hour of pain and is it truly worth that one moment. This is how we grow by understanding we can choose that which supports our well being and as a result we feel much better emotionally when we have truly loved ourselves.

What thoughts are we playing in our temple? Is there beautiful music playing or are there old negative thought patterns repeating themselves? The frequency of what we are playing over and over will affect how we feel. If we let the “old tapes” run unhindered we will stay in the same place of feeling bad about ourselves. The old core belief of “not good enough” or “not deserving” will still pervade our thoughts and then our behaviors. It is time to come back to the truth and recognize the beauty of our being! It is time to remember again who we are and why we are here.

EFT will target any negative emotion and eliminate it in minutes and surround it with a peaceful feeling. Breath Work will help our minds to calm completely and help us be in touch with our true Self. Look inside and find out who is in your temple. Allow only that which you would allow in a Holy place as you are that deserving of love and honor. You must first give it to yourself!

Come breath and clean out your temple, feel what it is like to know yourself and connect!

“Wherever you go, go with all your love” Confucius

Sending love and light,

July 6, 2008

Hello to Each of You!

“and though we seem to be sleeping, there is an inner wakefulness that directs the dream and that will eventually startle us back to the truth of who we are” Rumi

It is the 4th of July weekend! Celebrating Freedom and Independence for over 200 years! And yet there is always a battle for freedom going on inside ourselves. This is the battle between the ego and the Soul! The way we can tell who is winning is by checking in with how you feel emotionally. When you are feeling negative emotions the ego is ahead when you are feeling loved, safe and in a truly great place, the Soul is in charge and all knowing. So how do we make sure the Soul is in charge all the time?

The key is going within for the answers to all the questions that arise. Breath Class and Meditation are the powerful keys to Freedom!

Our Soul always knows the truth; that we are safe and we are loved and that there is perfection in everything and every moment. When we play this thought of truth over and over we begin to breathe more deeply, and our whole body responds to this higher truth as Universal Law. Over and over I witness clients as we speak of what is happening in their lives and how it makes them feel. When they begin to see perfection in what they have created in their lives and the opportunities they have drawn to themselves they take a deep breath whereas before they were hardly breathing.

Our Souls and our bodies always respond to truth. Just as our intuition always gives us an indication of whether something feels good or not so good, we cannot deny that inner knowing. It is always present within us. When we are confronted with truth we will feel it in our heart area. Undeniable Truth!! The truth is we are free to choose, we are free to experience life here fully.

The battle between the Soul and the ego is fought every day within us. Where will we align ourselves, in fear and doubt about who we are or if we are deserving or good enough? Or will we choose the beauty in each of us the Divinity within each of us and then see it in every Soul with whom we come into contact? See the beauty and the perfection in your own life and then in every one else’s life. We are all here for a purpose, we are ever evolving consciousness, there are no mistakes only opportunities to learn and grow.

Choose your Soul Self and align your self with high frequency thoughts that bring light and love into each moment and day in your life.

A powerful way to align with our Soul Self is through breath. We calm the mind which can run away with us at times and we have “the journey” which is a communion with your higher self in Breath Class. Don’t let the ego take the power. Come have an awakening and be Free of the past and choose your Soul! Lets remember who we are together.

“What happens when the soul takes hold of the eyes?” Casey Haymes

Sending you all love and light,


Hear Blessings!

June 12, 2008

Hello To Each One of You,

June, the beginning of summer joy and ease!

“Hear blessings dropping their blossoms all around you” Rumi

Sometimes we think what is there to be grateful for when there is so much stress, tension and worry in our lives? The answer is simple, find one thing one simple thing and focus on it until you see its beauty and say thank you. Focus a bit more and say the words until you feel them. Chant them over and over until you suddenly see more and more in that one thing. Then you will see more and more around you to be grateful for until this is your normal thought. It is the practice.

Gratitude has such a high frequency that it can transform any situation into something of growth, learning and expansion and opportunity. The magic words! Haven’t we always taught children to say the magic words and yet we forget to say them to ourselves for all we have been given for all we have been able to create in our lives; for all the love we give and receive. It is time to remember again the magic that exists in every moment. The simplicity of “thank you” say it to yourself, say it to others and say it to the Universe! You will feel transformed and light. This is our birthright just like coming home.

We’ve always had the key just like Dorothy’s ruby slippers, we have the breath. Breathe more deeply and it will bring you fully to the present moment. Suddenly you will feel peace, calm and the truth; you are safe and you are loved. Come to breath class and you will release all old doubt and fears from the past, old traumas and pain. Your being will be set free and you will remember again who you are and where you came from. There truly is no place like home! come breathe and come home again!

“From within or from behind a light shines through us upon things and makes us aware that we are nothing but the light itself” Emerson

Sending you love and light,


The Water of The Heart

June 9, 2008

Hello To Each One Of You,

“There is a way from your heart to mine and my heart knows it, because it is clean and pure like water. When water is still like a mirror, it can behold the moon” Rumi

When we drop from our heads to our hearts things are so simple, so pure, so innocent. Like children, ever notice how uncomplicated they are? They love unconditionally, they live in the moment and they forgive instantly, pain only lasts for a moment and then it is forgotten. Imagine if we were more childlike in our lives and let things go instantly, how would we feel if we didn’t repeat stories? How would we feel if we let go of a thought that made us feel bad? The truth is our thoughts are not always true they are just thoughts driven by the ego which has tremendous fears and challenges. When we are feeling fearful or upset know it is ego thought not soul or heart. The soul and the heart lead to the path of love which is higher all knowing and peaceful.

Imagine what your day would be like if you played the thoughts “ I am loved” “ I belong” “I have value” “There is enough time” “ There is enough money”, over and over again all day. If any are willing to try this experiment let me know your results! I have tried it and it is an amazing way to spend your valuable time because the gifts are so great, greater than anything you could imagine. Its all within you, all you seek is just within your heart! You are magic! Look inside and see the love expand with it and know who you really are.

Come breath and expand with the knowledge of self! Feel what it is like to let go of emotional pain, fear and sadness. You will be amazed at the effects on the physical body and how you will feel when you are willing to let go of pain. Vitality, health, wellness are all there waiting to surface. All you have to do is breath and be free, feel the joy once again that is your birthright! What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

“ Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful” Thich Nhat Hanh

So smile! Make today radiant with your beauty and your joy!

Sending love and light,


Love and Life

May 19, 2008

Happy May!

Hello To Each Of You,

“Where there is love there is life” Mahatma Gandhi

I was taking more breath training last week and I am truly grateful for more tools and techniques to help others on their path to health and well being! Classes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday were truly amazing to facilitate and witness as people were feeling the effects of Breath Work on an even deeper level of release and emotional freedom. There were immediate effects in the physical body as pain was released and a heightened sense of well being and remembering purpose on a spiritual level.

It is amazing that we don’t have to do work for years to gain results in our lives and feel good, free and happy. It can be a matter of moments and the negativity is lifted. I highly recommend the work of Michael Newton PH.D. His books on life in between lives “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny Of Souls” truly alter consciousness and heighten our awareness of our journey here and give a deeper meaning and peace in the knowledge of our own power in our own lives. Dr. Newton writes that the spiritual realm is sending us tremendous support here on this plane for our well being and to help raise consciousness on a mass level.

There are new modalities of healing that are now available to us to help raise that consciousness as well. This is to balance the amount of addiction we have chosen to drugs to make us feel better emotionally which do work but block our consciousness from evolving due to chemically induced states. This is not to judge right or wrong but simply to offer more to us to break through emotional barriers we might be carrying.

I am thrilled to work with people choosing health and well being and their emotional freedom to then be the powerful beings we are to create the life we truly desire! Everything is possible! It is all waiting for us. All we have to do is be willing to move forward! That willingness is the first step.

Choose yourself and your life right here right now and allow yourself to receive all that is here for you now! Come to breath class and experience the joy of knowing who you are. If you are experiencing old emotions and/or traumas come for EFT and see who you are without the pain. You are worthy and deserving of love and freedom.

I will be speaking at Second Saturday on July 12th at Mira Costa College on Healing for Two-Home Families. Please let anyone you know going through this transition about this class so they can gain the tools they need to be well and peaceful. You can register online or in person that day, the cost is $45 for the day of class. There is a CPA, an attorney and a mediator who will present.

“What barrier is there that love cannot break?” Mahatma Gandhi

Love is and always will be there answer love for self and love for others. Love is the only thing that truly exists all the rest we make up!

Come breath with me and be free once again!

Sending love and light,


Childlike Love

May 4, 2008

Hello to Each One of You,

Happy May and extra love to each Mother and the love within each heart!

“ It is when I forget to judge that I remember to live”! Casey Haymes

We can all remember to live right now, right here! All we have to do is be childlike in our presence. Just show up and see the magic again like children do. They are just joyous and smile at whatever shows up. The key to our joy is within our hearts. It is the love within each of us that always exists, it was our original gift! All we have to do is drop from our heads and into our hearts to feel the love again and get away from the jumble of thoughts.

Often we think we are all those thoughts. But that is not who we are. When we step back and don’t judge them they have little to do with who we are. When we engage in each one we get caught up in the illusion of judgment, hurt feelings, pain and then suffering. Drop into the heart and feel the love that truly is who you are. This love is where we come from, how can we be anything else?

We are powerful in making things up. Love is all that truly exists! Come back to the truth of your being. You can experience truth through meditation, breath work and going within. The love and peace is deep inside. When we take the time to remember again who we really are the love radiates from our beings and this truly raises the world. This light we can all send out changes the world. We are the change we seek. It is all right here and now! Join in and see what a difference your love and joy make to those around you!

This is spending your day in a powerful way. Come breath and meditate and find your joy inside you!!

“From within or from behind a light shines through us upon things and makes us aware that we are nothing but the light itself” Emerson

Sending love and light,


The Master Sees

April 20, 2008

April, Spring in full Bloom!

“The Master sees things as they are without trying to control them. She lets them go their own way and resides at the center of the circle” Lao Tzu

We can all see the beauty and the perfection in every moment no matter what is actually happening, but it is a choice. The choice is to remember that everything is happening for a reason and it is to bring us to a higher awareness. When we choose to see the perfection we can then transfer the illusion of anything being negative in our lives into a gift of life experience that will bring us a gift.

When we expand ourselves to see with a different perspective how everything fits together in this beautiful tapestry and how we draw experience to us with our thoughts and our emotions we then truly receive and live on a different level of awareness. The saying “it is not about the destination, it is about the journey” takes on new clarity.

When we live on this level we come to completion with the lesson quickly and the illusion dissipates from the roaring lion into a fluffy cat waiting to be stroked! The pain disappears and the joy returns. Our ability to love what is equals our freedom. This might sounds esoteric or like hard work to raise our consciousness to this level yet I watch it unfold every week in breath work. We can suddenly and instantly get to the other side of understanding and pain all we need to do is be willing.

Just by offering up your willingness to let go or to change your being, your consciousness is transformed. We live in a time when we want things instantly, even healing. Now it exists as it doesn’t take ten to twenty years of therapy to understand and heal emotionally there can be change in moments. Emotions released that we have carried for years. We live in that advanced time.

We get there together realizing we are all beautiful facets of the same diamond, brilliant because of our unity and our uniqueness!

Be your brilliant self, shine brightly for all to see and you raise the world! Imagine who you are without all the pain and fear we carry around.

“Come to the edge,” he said, “we are afraid,” they said. “Come to the edge,” he said. They came, he pushed them and they flew. Apollinaire

Come Fly!!

Sending love and light


Spring Awakening

April 9, 2008

Hello to each one of you,

Spring, a time of awakening!

"And though we seem to be sleeping there is an inner wakefulness that doubts the dream and that will eventually startle us back to the truth of who we are" Rumi

I love the power of breath work! I watched all the faces in Monday’s class become soft and they were lit from within and I could see all the beauty in each being. Their true self was completely present without fear, open and all knowing, feeling loved and safe and completely expanded. Have you ever seen such beauty in one being? There it was and I was able to be still and enjoy and feel so filled with love and gratitude. This is the way we were meant to live here, but we often forget.

We get caught up in the illusion of the stuff, the job, the relationship, the house the car the kids and we forget our soul is truly here for its own joy so where is that joy? It is in each precious moment we are awake, truly awake and looking around us and witnessing the beauty. Step out of the tornado and appreciate all that is truly there for you right here and now. Look with refreshed eyes and see anew with the wonder of a child! Just show up without expectations and see what happens in that moment, a gift you could not have imagined!

Allow yourself to receive, right here and now be still, breath and chant "thank you" for five minutes and witness how you begin to feel. Remember you are the light, you are the love, it is where you came from. Remember again your truth!

Be free!

look for the schedule of classes for breath and EFT sessions, I am thrilled to share I am having my book What Would Love Do Now? translated into Spanish. I will let you know when it is completed and ready for reading!

Sending light,


Why is love so hard?

March 27, 2008

Spring, a beautiful time to renew!

"What barrier is there that love cannot break? Mahatma Gandhi

I speak tremendously on the subject of love in my work with people. Why is it that we often feel so contracted as though the love is really hard to create or give and receive? How did it become so hard to truly create loving relationships? Well the answer is FEAR. We have been living in fear that we are not loved or that our love will not be accepted. This makes us contracted and then we try less and less to really connect with those around us because we are afraid of the reaction we might get. The answer is to realize the truth again. We are the love we seek each and every one of us is. So if we then truly believe this and know we are filled with love, we are loved and we ARE LOVE itself how can we then touch others with this love? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Try approaching your mate, parenting partner, kids, friends and co-workers with this approach of being the love rather than expecting the love. Remember that every person you come into contact with needs three things to be well, to be loved, to be valued and to feel like they belong. Imagine what it would be like to know you changed someone's whole day perhaps their whole view of themselves by just touching their hearts in a loving way without any expectation that that love comes back to you, just for free and for fun! See how many you can touch in a day and then notice how your day is the best day you've ever lived!!

Please look for the article in Bellissima Magazine about the breath and how we can direct it for our emotional/physical and spiritual health. www.bellissimasandiego.com a wonderful magazine with great information about health and well being in San Diego, written by San Diegans.
Choose to be your highest self all day and watch how your day unfolds with joy, love, ease and grace. You will find there really is no other way to live. Remember who you are and where you came from!!

Sending light,


Oh the Pain!

March 17, 2008

Happy Spring!

"and though we seem to be sleeping there is an inner wakefulness that doubts the dream and will eventually startle us back to the truth of who we are" Rumi

Sometimes it is the pain that startles us back to who we are. The pain gets our attention and that is the point at which we can begin to be aware and then make changes in our lives. Sometimes we have been living in a way that doesn't feel good to us because it has become a habit, an old learned way of getting love and yet the love we are getting doesn't feel good. How did it become so complicated?

This is the time to make it less complicated and get back to the truth of who we are and that truth of relationships and how they serve us to bring us back to ourselves. Gratitude is the key to receiving the gift of those who help bring us back. Without the gratitude we often get stuck in anger, pain and blame. We can be free of these emotions.

EFT and Breath Class offer immediate freedom from negative emotions that can overwhelm us and take over. Choose freedom and happiness it is your birthright!

"Everything is waiting for you" David Whyte

Please look for Bellissima Magazine, this month's article is on the Breath and how powerful it is in our well being and health. Something that seems so obvious and yet we often deny ourselves breath which is life. Ironic that we do this to ourselves, however we can change this just by becoming conscious of it. Take a deep breath and let go ....

www.bellissimasandiego.com a wonderful magazine about health and well being for San Diegans written by San Diegans!

Choose well for yourself as all you owe anyone else is to be well yourself!

Sending light,

Create The Vision

March 6, 2008

Hello to Each of You!

"The soul is the lamp where light is steady, for it burns in a shelter where no winds come" Baghavad Gita

The year of the Rat begins! Higher levels of loving relationships is the energy ushered in by the rat. It is time now to choose love as the direction for thoughts and actions in relationship to those around us. What is your highest vision of yourself? Create your vision and act in alignment with that vision. Then you will truly love yourself. All love stems from self love acting from this connected state!

I will be speaking at Second Saturday at Mira Costa College on March 8th on the psychological, emotional and healing issues of going through divorce. This class offers education for women going through this process on legal, psychological and financial issues. The fee is $45 for a half day educational class. Please share this information with anyone you know going through divorce as nothing challenges us more to show up in our highest vision as going through this process and letting go. You can register at the door that morning!

Please watch for my newest article on Breath and its health and healing benefits in Bellissima Magazine, www.bellissimasandiego.com Do come and breath your way to health and consciousness in breath classes offered every Monday and Friday evening. Your body will feel immediate effects from this work as well as your emotional state. It is a deep healing and cleansing for the mind and body! Words cannot do justice to this experience in life.

Lets create on a higher level of awareness knowing we are all deserving and we are all one!

Sending light,

The Soul and its Joy

February 20,2008

Hello To Each of You,

"Everything is waiting for you"
David Whyte

Remember that everything is waiting for you, all we have to do is clear the way. I was serving at a retreat last week and holding the space for others to clear their "sticky stuff" the anger, fear and pain that can be the block to receiving all our good. It was an amazing experience. Often we hold onto negative emotions which can then be the focus of our energy. The happiness is diminished, the joy dimmed and before we know it there is only the negative. We can find our way back to our joy, it is our natural state of being as "the soul is here for its own joy" Rumi

All we have to do is let it happen, clear the road way for joy and light. We do this by letting go of the past. Letting go of fear and pain. Forgiveness, compassion and love are the strongest tools to clear the road. Employ them liberally, for free and for fun because you know you are deserving of your joy it is your birthright!

Come breath deeply in breath class and feel your connected state and bring that into your every day life. Remember again the truth of your being! You are loved and you are safe. Breath classes are every Monday and Friday evening and privates held Tuesday-Thursday evenings.

EFT is a powerful tool to release the negative emotions we have carried for a lifetime. It happens instantly and they are gone from our physical and emotional being. Now is the time for the light. We are the light we are not the body. Let's remember our truth together and live awake and aware right here, right now!

I will be presenting at Second Saturday on March 8th at Mira Costa College at 8:30 am. On the psychological, spiritual and healing issues of divorce. Please let anyone you know who may be going through this challenging transition to come to this class and gain some immediate tools for wellness and healing.

Please look for the next issue of Bellissima as I wrote an article on the Breath and how it can create health and well being in our bodies, minds and souls. Something we do every day and yet we can hold our breath, or breath shallowly and deprive our beings of what they most need to live and remember.

Let's create the light together!

Sending light,

The Month of Love

February 2, 2008

Hello and Happy February!

"The soul is a lamp where light is steady, for it burns in a shelter where no winds come" Bhagavad Gita

This is the month of love and yet we have made it commercial with only visions of romantic love. Love is so much more powerful on all levels when we realize we are the love and we radiate it out to others. Often we are fearful that we are not loved, the fear disappears completely when we focus on loving those around us. Make someone's day a true gift by showing them you love them and see their beauty. I promise your day will be the most beautiful as well!

I will be speaking at Second Saturday at Mira Costa College on Sat. February 9th. The class is an educational class for women going through divorce. It is given by Ginita Wall CPA and has been running for 17 years. I will be speaking on the emotional issues faced by women going through this process and focusing on the healing aspects. Please let anyone you know going through this process about this class as it offers helpful information on the legal, financial and psychological issues of becoming a two-home family. Class begins at 8:30 am and you can pay at the door, the fee is $45.

Please read the next issue of Bellissima, my article is on the power of breath and what it can do to keep us healthy and aware in our lives. You can click on www.bellissimasandiego.com and subscribe. This new Magazine offers great information on health and well being in San Diego!!
Please do come to breath class and experience the gift of breath at this level. You will feel lighter, emotionally and physically and release old negative emotions on every level. You will experience an altered state of consciousness which will allow you to see your own life from a more clear perspective! Monday and Friday's classes are open, I will be out of town the following week on retreat.

I look forward to seeing you this month and remember to take a deep breath!

Sending love and light,


Relationship Challenges

January 24,2008

Hello to Each of You,

"For one human being to love another being, that is perhaps the most difficult task that has been entrusted to us. This ultimate task the final test and proof, the work for which all other work is merely preparation"
Ranier Maria Rilke

Relationship can cause the most piercing emotional pain we can experience. The pain can appear so strong that at times we feel we will not survive it. Fear can play a powerful part in the pain as well. We can engage in all kinds of thoughts that are not necessarily true but feed on the fear we feel. Re-creating Families helps to re-create relationships in a healthy, positive way.

Re-creating Families offers powerful tools for existing relationships that need that infusion of healthy energy to sustain the love and depth of relating to one another. Couples choosing to experience Breath Class together are raising the level of their spiritual practice to soul expanded awareness! Experience Breath at this level together!

Please read this months article in Bellissima on EFT and the possibility of healing negative emotions immediately! www.bellissimasandiego.com

I will be speaking at the Second Saturday Class at Mira Costa on February 9th at 9:30 am. This class has been in existence for 17 years, created by Ginita Wall CPA choosing to educate women going through divorce on legal, financial and psychological issues. You can pay at the door the cost is $45 for the class. Please let anyone you know going through this process about this course for knowledge and education on choices.

Create your vision of your highest self and make the choices that support your vision!

Sending light,

Happy New Year!

January 11th, 2008

Happy New Year to Each One Of You!

New Year's Eve began with an amazing breath class at 4:30. Those that chose to breath into the new year received the beautiful gift of feeling connected, gratitude and the amazing lightness of being! We followed breath work with a meditation on gratitude and everyone was touched with this high frequency of energy, ready to begin 2008 with joy and knowing their truth. Thank you to all who came!!

I will be speaking at Second Saturday on February 9th on Re-creating Families after divorce in a peaceful, positive way. This class has been conducted for 17 years by Ginita Wall CPA, as an educational class for women going through divorce and I will be speaking on the psychological issues of healing after divorce. Please let anyone you know who might be going through this painful process about this class as it is truly helpful.

The January issue of Bellissima is out and my article is on the healing effects of EFT. Please look for your copy as it is full of pertinent information on health and well being in San Diego. www.bellissimasandiego.com

Come join us for Breath Class and feel your expanded state as we let go of what we "think" we know and step into our soul awareness!

Sending light,